Agricultural & Construction Machinery

A wide range of machinery is used in farming and construction sectors. Different types of equipment are needed for different applications. Sometimes it is better to buy this type of product while at other times it is more economical to hire the same item. All such items are available for both sale and hire. Farmers and plant operators can buy used equipment as well. Whether the machinery is purchased or hired depends on the specific needs and budget. There are many companies that offer agricultural machinery for sale. Most of these companies may not hire such equipment. There are other companies that are in the hiring business. They have a stock of different types of agricultural machines for hire. Following are some of the equipment and machines that can be purchased and hired.

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A tractor is the most widely made use of farm machine. No farmer can do without it. A tractor can be used for farm, agricultural, equestrian and horticultural applications. Any farmer having a large area of land must own a good quality tractor. Its biggest advantage is that there are a wide range of attachments and implements for it. These attachments increase the functionality of the tractor and help accomplish different types of tasks. It eliminates the need to buy standalone machinery for each application. There are small as well as very powerful tractors available in the market. Each product is designed to meet a specific operational need.


A trailer is needed a lot in the farming sector to transport large and heavy farm items. It can be used to transport equipment, supplies, livestock, farm produces and small vehicles. A trailer is a cheap, reliable and flexible attachment that reduces the cost of transportation for farmers.


There are small as well as large drill attachments for various farm applications. These drills are commonly used to place seeds in the ground. This attachment is connected to a tractor. It helps cover a large ground area quickly and easily. Thousands of seeds can be placed in the ground within a few minutes. These machines are also used to place fertiliser directly in the ground. Some drills work on gravity while others use pneumatic pressure to place the supplies like seeds or fertiliser.


A digger or excavator is used extensively in the construction industry. This equipment is used to dig holes, trenches and foundations. It is an excellent equipment to clear the site for building. Large diggers are used to dredge the river or stream. Diggers are available in various designs and sizes for both small and large applications. Now there are a wide range of attachments like augers, grapples and breakers that improve the functionality of a digger.


It is an important piece of equipment to remove weeds from the farm fields. It helps keep the soil loose, mix the nutrients and promote airflow. Cultivators are available in various sizes and designs to meet different farming needs. This equipment is used during various phases of plant and crop growths. From standalone motorised cultivators to tractor pulled cultivators, different designs of this equipment are available for both sale and hire.

Purchasing this type of machinery is a better option if it is needed regularly. Hiring is recommended if the equipment is needed only occasionally or seasonally. Some companies that offer equipment on hire also offer trained personnel to operate those machines.